Starbucks Infographic Shows Their Rise to World Domination

Tina Rivera
(Photo: OBSEV/Shutterstock)

Did you know that Canada has the most Starbucks locations per-capita? Or that the furthest place you can get from a Starbucks on earth is off the coast of South Africa? Of course, the United States wins the title for the most store locations compared to any other country in the world, but crazy new infographics by Quartz show how the Seattle-based coffee giant is swiftly dominating the globe—one international street corner at a time!

With exception of the small town of Circle, Montana, where you’d have to drive a depressing 192 miles to get to your nearest green-apron coffee shop, there lies a Starbucks on just about every block of every major city in the United States. With 11,563 stores in the nation, America wins by a landslide when it comes to the country with the most locations. Canada pales in comparison with 1,396 stores, with China quickly catching up to them at 1,219 locations.


Although Canada currently possesses less stores than the United States, our friendly neighbors up north surprisingly have the most Starbucks locations per-capita. With an average of 39 stores per one million people, they’re beating out the U.S., which is home to 36.25 stores per million people.


When it comes to international cities, Seoul houses the highest number of Starbucks locations with a whopping 284 shops spread throughout the bustling region. New York City comes in second with 277 stores, with Shanghai, London and Toronto all beating out Seattle – the home of the first Starbucks location.   


World domination at its finest, the green highlighter below represents the 63 countries that Starbucks currently inhabits. While there are noticeable absences of the stores in Africa, Central Asia and Europe, many of the wealthier nations appear to be well-caffeinated by the Seattle chain.

According to Quartz, the furthest location from a Starbucks is off the coast of Africa, where you’d have to travel 4,787 miles to get to the nearest location on Spencer Street in Melbourne, Australia. Luckily, no one lives there—and with more than 24,000 shops worldwide, there probably won't be any shortages of Starbucks any time soon! 


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