Starbucks Japan Introduces Green Tea White Chocolate Frappuccino

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Starbucks)

Turns out it’s not just Western Starbucks stores that are benefiting from a burst of creativity lately.

While here in the States, the coffee chain has been introducing bold new ideas such as craft beers and organic soups, in Japan, customers can now enjoy an appropriately Asian twist on the classic Frappuccino.

The Matcha White Chocolate Frappuccino went on sale completely out of the blue in Japan earlier this week, as, without any advertising campaign at all, customers suddenly discovered this green tea flavored frozed treat awaiting them in stores.



Matcha is a popular dessert in Japan that’s made from powdered green tea, and introducing white chocolate to the mix is a perfect accompaniment to the Eastern tea flavor.

The drink is a limited edition “holiday” beverage, so it’s probably not going to stick around forever, and as it’s only available in Japan, all Western fans of Starbucks can do is imagine what this might taste like.

Unless, of course, you feel like recreating the recipe at home, as Foodbeast has done – if you’re a fan of green tea and white chocolate, this might well be something that’s worth your time!