Starbucks Japan Wins at Life, Now Serving Alcoholic Frappuccinos

Tina Rivera
(Photo: instagram: @37sanap)

Starbucks Japan has just one-upped every country across the globe when it comes to their “after hours” wine and beer offerings. For the first time ever, the Seattle-based coffee giant has released an alcohol-infused cocktail, and it’s basically a healthy serving of booze blended with ice!

The "Wine Fraggino" has launched in conjunction with the country’s first “Starbucks Evenings” location in Tokyo, where the coffee chain will now serve alcoholic beverages along with classy AF cheese boards, tarts, and other tapas-style foods. Starbucks Evenings has been around for a while at participating locations in the States; however, this is the first time a cocktail has shown up on the menu.

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Tokyo’s first Starbucks Evenings location is situated in the trendy Marunouchi district, and the Wine Fraggino is essentially a glorified glass of sangria. Instead of coffee, the Fraggino features a specialty blueberry wine from Hokkaido and is blended with ice—very similar to a Frappuccino. The new wine-spiked drink will run you around 900 yen, or $8 USD, and will be served at the new shop in addition to other alcoholic beverages such as champagne and beer. 

While the Wine Fraggino is currently only available in Japan, US residents can still frequent Starbucks Evenings locations throughout the country to get their fix of beer and wine after 4 p.m. However, if you’re really desperate, we hear grabbing a two-buck chuck from Trader Joe’s and blending it with ice is basically the same thing.

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