Starbucks Launches New Emoji Keyboard Fit for a Caffeine Addict


(Photo: OBSEV / Starbucks)

With coffee addiction at an all time high, it’s only natural that Starbucks would create a new application to supplement its rise to world domination, right? In addition its already-existing Starbucks app and 24,000 stores in 70 countries, the Seattle-based coffee shop has just launched a new emoji keyboard, and it comes complete with a purple Frappuccino-sipping unicorn!

The keyboard app was unveiled Monday and includes two pages of 28 Starbucks themed emojis. From its signature pink cake pop to a plethora of beverages iced and hot, the coffee company also incorporated a replica of the iPhone’s ever so popular dancing-woman-in-a-red-dress emoji, except with a trademark green dress and Starbucks beverage in hand.

Starbucks says they will incorporate seasonal emojis throughout the year, meaning we’ll probably see some variety of the red cup come wintertime. The coffee chain’s latest focus appears to be their summer drink items, with a number of sunglass-wearing, cat-sipping Frappuccino emojis to go around.


The free app is now available for iPhone and Android devices, with the emojis also being accessible through other messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other social platforms. Downloads can be made via Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store. 

So, there you have it. Thanks to Starbucks’ new emoji keyboard application, typing words will now become a thing of the past when planning future coffee dates with friends!