Friendship Goals: Guy Gets Subway Sandwich Fly-By Delivery From Pilot Friend

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Facebook / Nathan Howatt)

For Mitchell Wirth and Nathan Howatt of Langdon, North Dakota, friendship means looking out for each other, keeping each other fed, and not needing to stop and say hi every time one flies a plane over the other’s head.

Running an errand that seems so North Dakota and pretty badass, the 23-year-old Howatt eschewed the one-hour drive to a dentist appointment in Devils Lake by flying his plane instead. Before coming back, he hit up Wirth and asked him if he needed anything from town.

Wirth’s response: That he’d take a sandwich from Subway.

Howatt obliged, and delivered one to his buddy’s feet, as you’ll see in the video he posted to Facebook, shot by Wirth, which has since been viewed over 10 million times.

Subway at caught wind of the fly-by delivery. The sandwich purveyors posted the video along with photos taken by the friends, with the caption “Friend level: Expert.”

The sandwich, a toasted Subway melt, came complete with pepper jack cheese, ranch dressing, banana papers, and an impact crater, probably. It “was still warm when he got it,” according to Howatt.

The pilot, who calls himself a “small-town farmer,” told the West Fargo Pioneer he doesn’t condone the time of flying he was caught executing in a viral video.

More importantly: There isn’t anything better to eat (that can withstand a high-speed drop from a plane, I guess) in Devils Lake, North Dakota?