Suck It, Cronuts! The Donut Ice Cream Cone Is Our New Everything

Tina Rivera
(Photo: OBSEV/Instagram)

A restaurant in Prague is responsible for the latest dessert craze that is sweeping the Internet, and it involves a combination of deep-fried donut spirals and heaps of ice cream.

Better known as “Chimney Cakes,” Good Food Coffee and Bakery has transformed your everyday donut into a deep-fried cinnamon ice cream cone, oozing with melted chocolate and covered in sugar.

These sweet treats, which are frankly giving cronuts a run for their money, are said to be a modern take on Trdelník, a traditional Slovak cake made from grilled dough topped with sugar and walnuts.

With mounds of whipped cream, berries, and Nutella, these mouthwatering images of Chimney Cakes will have you wishing you were on a direct flight to the Czech Republic:


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