This Sucks: McDonald’s Invents New Straw Designed for a Milkshake

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: McDonald's.)

When McDonald's unleashed four new shamrock-inspired beverages last week—the Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe, the Chocolate Shamrock Shake, the Shamrock Hot Chocolate, and the Shamrock Mocha—consumers of that second drink ran into a tragedy of epic proportions: If one wanted to taste both of the layered flavors at once, he or she would have to be one hell of an accurate straw user or, painfully, have to mix the independent mint and chocolate flavors by hand.


The corporation responded to the conundrum in mere days.

Their solution: the STRAW, or the Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal.


The STRAW was designed in partnership with JACE and NK Labs, actual aerospace and robotic engineering companies, and features a J shape with holes throughout for both flavors of the Chocolate Shamrock Shake to flow through without the burden of stirring.

McDonald's made the announcement via Facebook Live. Here's the video, though you might want to start at the 5:15 mark because the host is so unbearably cringeworthy.

The company is giving away 2,000 of these bad boys with the purchases of Chocolate Shamrock Shakes at select locations. Check here to see where those are.

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