Surprise! Chipotle Is NOT America’s Favorite Mexican Chain, According to New Data

Tina Rivera
(Photo: obsev / Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock)

After the whirlwind of controversy plaguing Chipotle over the past several months, it should come as no surprise that America’s favorite burrito no longer reigns supreme when it comes to quick-service restaurants. New data has revealed that for the first time EVER, a tiny little taco shop from the Midwest is topping the Mexican food charts, knocking Chipotle out of the number one spot they held in 2015.

Market Force Information conducted a study about quick-service restaurants (QSR’s) where they gathered data from 10,000 consumers and ranked the eating places according to overall customer satisfaction. In the Mexican food category, Taco Bueno (Maybe you’ve heard of them?) came in first place when it came to America’s favorite Mexican chain, beating out better-known restaurants such as Chipotle, Qdoba, and El Pollo Loco. Sadly, Taco Bell came in last place, and chihuahuas everywhere shed a tear.

Although Taco Bueno took the top spot in the Mexican category, the Texas-based chain only ranked first in one area—which is value for the money. Surprisingly, Chipotle beat out all competitors when it came to food quality, healthy options, and fast service—could it be their mini norovirus epidemic was so last year?

Taco Bueno ranked seventh place in the cleanliness category and eighth place when it came to providing healthy options, leading us to believe this study is rigged—or customers and data analysts just don’t care about quality food or sanitation. Seriously, Chipotle clearly beat out Taco Bueno in six out of seven categories, yet Taco Bueno is still somehow the favorite. Whatever!

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