Sushi Donuts are the Latest Bizarre Food Trend Taking Over Instagram

Tina Rivera
(Photo: Instagram @sobeautifullyraw)

From galaxy donuts inspired by the Milky Way to a drool worthy donut-burrito hybrid called the doughrito, there appears to be nothing a donut can’t do these days—which is why SUSHI donuts are now a legitimate thing that exists in the universe!

Very real and intricately beautiful, sushi donuts have been popping up all over Instagram and they almost look too pretty to eat. Shaped like a donut but with the full on taste of sushi, the new dish may seem a little confusing, but it includes all the regular raw fish, seaweed and rice fixings that a normal roll usually consists of.



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Provided you’d like to create a sushi donut in the comfort of your own home, food Instagrammer @sobeautifullyraw has provided a crash course on how to create the raw-fish dessert-shaped hybrid: “Simply grease a donut mould with coconut oil, mould in cooled sushi rice and then gently remove by lifting the pan upside down. Decorated with black sesame, ginger, wasabi, cashew mayo & avocado.” Easy, right?

Other popular sushi combinations include a sushirrito, which is basically a sushi roll shaped like a burrito, and a sushi burger that includes rice patties formed into the shape of a bun with raw fish, seaweed and avocado in the middle. What’s next, a sushi hot dog?! Oh yeah, that’s been done, too (Google it.)

While the latest Asian-Western fusion that is a sushi donut has yet to make an appearance in restaurants, food bloggers across the nation have uploaded their raw creations for all of our weird enjoyment: 



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