New Firecracker Burrito From Taco Bell Comes With Spicy Pop Rocks


(Photo: Instagram / @outhereflourishing)

Apparently, the newest Taco Bell food item that you wouldn’t believe existed if not for stuff like this and this and this is the Firecracker Burrito. It comes with packets of what are labeled as “Cayenne Popping Crystals”—which seem to essentially be spicy Pop Rocks, the carbonated candy that makes your mouth feel like the inside of a fruit-flavored electrical socket.

Reddit user Elbore stumbled upon the new food item, which comes in a spicy version and a nacho cheese version.

“Tortilla was red, looked like it had been marinated at some point or maybe they come that way,” Elbore wrote on the Reddit page r/TacoBell. “It was late, the location didn’t even say it was open, and the item was on a lawn sign and not on the menu itself so I just ordered it. There was also a spicy version which apparently ‘only’ adds chipotle sauce that I don’t recall ever trying. Mine was the cheesy type so it had I assume nacho cheese, beef, lots of rice, some red [tortilla] strips, and a packet of these ‘poppers’ which taste sweet and crackle just like Pop Rocks. I was very confused by the whole thing but it was only $1.49.”

The Firecracker Burrito itself is $1.29 and the Cayenne Popping Crystals are another 20 cents.

“It’s a solid spicy burrito!” Instagram user @outhereflourishing commented on the post above. “Don’t overdo it on the Pop Rocks, they can tip the sweet spicy balance fast. But overall solid!”

Taco Bell is testing the burritos at four locations around Orange County, California, including one at 2720 Edinger Avenue in Santa Ana. If you’re in the area, Lyft is apparently the easiest way to get there.