Taco Bell Is Getting Rid of the Naked Chicken Chalupa, So Here’s How to Make Your Own

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Taco Bell.)

The Naked Chicken Chalupa—Taco Bell's answer to KFC's line of foods that swap bread for fried chicken—will have lasted not two months on the fast-food chain's nationwide menus.

The limited-time offer dropped on January 26 and according to the OC Register will be completely gone sometime in March.

Thankfully for fans of the taco that replaces a standard hard shell with a shell-shaped slab of fried chicken, it likely isn't gone from Taco Bell forever.

“The Naked Chicken Chalupa was always planned as a limited-time offer and because it has proven to be popular and exceeded expectations, we’re confident it will be returning to the menu in the future," a representative from the chain told Eater.

But if you're the impatient sort of Naked Chicken Chalupa lover, there's a solution to the creative concoction's indefinite absence—a recipe and video tutorial to make the tacos on your own.

Which is exactly what the people behind HellthyJunkFood provided:

In case a normal-size Naked Chicken Chalupa isn't enough for you, the HellthyJunkFood gang also showed the world how to make a giant version of the same food—since super-sizing foods is sort of their thing.