Taco Bell Introduces a New Bizarre Alternative to the Standard Taco Shell

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Foodbeast)

Feeling flush following the success of the fried chicken shell taco (better known as the Naked Chalupa), those crazy mavericks at Taco Bell have done it again.

Not content to replace a corn or flour tortilla with a piece of fried chicken, the team have how endeavored to provide a taco with an outer casing that’s made out of a fried egg.

Source: Taco Bell

Yes, an egg. Complete with yolk and white stuff, cooked and formed into a curved surface upon which ingredients are placed before the entire thing is wrapped up and presented to those customers who are eagerly clamoring for an eggy taco.

Presumably these people exist, and they won’t even mind risking a Taco Bell bowel emergency to get their fix of egg-related Mexican goodness.

The restaurant chain is also currently working to develop an unusual hybrid between a croissant and a burrito, to make breakfast an even more confusing experience.

Clearly, someone at Taco Bell’s research and development team is working overtime at the moment, and we can only hope that these ridiculous ideas keep coming.

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