Taco Bell Is Trying to Serve Beer


(Photo: Betty Crocker)


You have my permission to weep with joy. Go ahead, I'll wait.

A Taco Bell in Chicago has applied for it's liquor license. This would make it the first Taco Bell in the world to serve beer. So instead of getting drunk and going to Taco Bell, you can go to Taco Bell to get drunk. Eliminating the middle man, as it were. 


Now, don't go planning your 21st birthday at your local 'Fourth Meal' establishment. The barely-Mexican food chain has no plans to take this move nationwide. You know that random little phrase at the end of every promo, 'participation may vary'? Participation in Taco Bell alcohol is limited to one location in Chicago. And it still hasn't been approved by… whoever approves these things. 

That being said, I'd totally fly to Chicago for this experience.