Taco Bell Unleashes Nacho-Style French Fries and Fried Chicken Chips

Bryan Brandom
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UC-Irvine sits a mere mile from the Pacific Coast—but now you have a second (or third or fourth or millionth) reason to be jealous of the young Anteaters who attend the University of California offshoot: two delicious replacements for the tortilla chip at the Taco Bell across the street.

Only at their Irvine location, Taco Bell is testing two new items—Loaded Seasoned Fries and Crispy Chicken Chips.

The fries are exactly how they sound: nachos, but with sliced and fried potatoes instead of chips and beans, though customers can also order them in dry, seasoned-only form. The chicken chips are similarly self-explanatory: fried chicken shaped like tortilla chips.

Unfortunately, those cannot be ordered "loaded" as well, but rather come with nacho cheese or Taco Bell sauces for dipping. So if you crave nachos with the tortilla chips replaced by chicken molded into fried triangles you'll have to order both and mix them together yourself. A lot to ask, I know, but you're strong and can do it.

It's taken long enough for Taco Bell to unveil French fry-based foods to the United States, arguably the most fries-obsessed nation in the world. The fast food chain already offers fry-centered meals in Japan, Canada, and all over Latin America.