Taco Bell Unveils Taco Shell Made Entirely Out of Fried Chicken

Tina Rivera
(Photo: Taco Bell)

Thank you Taco Bell! The Mexican fast food chain has just released plans for an epic new menu item that includes a glorious taco, wrapped in a shell, made ENTIRELY out of fried chicken. Let the drooling commence.

The fried chicken shell, aptly named the Naked Chicken Chalupa, has been tested at stores in Bakersfield, California since September. While a national release date hasn’t been confirmed, the company says consumer feedback has been very encouraging – and why wouldn’t it be? It basically combines two of our favorite food items, tacos and fried chicken, into one amazing snack item.



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“We’re just planning what’s the right timing,” a spokesperson for Taco Bell, Kat Garcia, told Buzzfeed News. “We want to make sure people took it seriously.” Along with your choice of meat, the taco shell comes loaded with all the regular fixings including lettuce, tomato, cheese and avocado ranch sauce. First incepted in 2013, the Naked Chicken Chalupa has been “a passion project” for Steve Gomez, Taco Bell’s manager of product development.


Other unconventional taco shells from the fast food giant include shells made out of various Dorito flavors and a previous “waffle taco” that included a waffle shell, beef patty, and scrambled eggs. A chicken biscuit taco also made a brief appearance. 

If all that is said becomes done, the new Naked Chicken Chalupa should be hitting a Taco Bell near you soon. If not, you could always take a road trip to Bakersfield.