Taco Bell’s Industrial New Look Will Make You Feel Like a Total Hipster

Tina Rivera
(Photo: OBSEV / Shutterstock)

The years of sterile white walls and swirly teal chairs are officially coming to an end! Thanks to Taco Bell’s latest design transformation, a few lucky locations will now come furnished with elevated ceilings, industrial light fixtures, and an exposed state of the art kitchen fit for all of your fast food needs. And while we can’t say your Quesalupa will be served on a silver platter, you’ll definitely feel as though you’re dining at a five-star restaurant.

Scott Peterson

Fit for hipsters and foodies alike, the Mexican fast food chain’s four new designs include floor plans titled Modern Explorer, Heritage, California Sol and Urban Edge. The prototypes will be tested at select Orange County locations, and if they prove to be a hit, Taco Bell will expand its industrial look to new locations around the world. 

Scott Peterson

“While all four restaurant designs are very different, they find a commonality in exposing Taco Bell’s brand like never before,” said Deborah Brand, Taco Bell’s VP of Design and Development. “From the open kitchen showcasing our freshly prepared foods, to the community tables built for friends to hangout, it fosters a social experience of food Taco Bell is known for.”

Scott Peterson

Brand said the chain will start remodeling four existing drive thru restaurants, with the test later being expanded to non-drive thru and in-line stores. The new prototypes are also eco-friendly, with LED lighting, energy efficient heating and cooling systems, and the use of reclaimed wood from coastal dock warehouses in California. If that doesn’t sound hipster enough, the stores will also include solar panel canopies over drive thru windows and reclaimed water for irrigation. 

“After we roll through the series of tests, we may find that we only need three out of the four designs. Or we may find we need one more or two more,” Brand added. Whichever prototypes Taco Bell decides to go with, one thing is for sure: foodies and hipsters everywhere will be flocking to their new establishments. 


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