Taco Bell’s Massive New Crunchwrap Includes Double the Meat


(Photo: Taco Bell)

When it comes to a Crunchwrap from Taco Bell we honestly can’t complain! Ever since it’s debut in 2005 the menu item has been a best selling hit, which is probably why the fast food chain has decided to bless us with an all-new Crunchwrap that includes double the meat.

The Triple Double Crunchwrap was just announced via Taco Bell’s Facebook page with the caption “You now have more layers to love. The Triple Double Crunchwrap is here.” Basically a regular Crunchwrap on steroids, the new meal includes twice the normal layers of seasoned beef, nacho cheese and crunchy tostada shell with a third layer of lettuce, fresh tomato and sour cream. Wrapped and grilled in a flour tortilla, the massive snack is available today at all T-Bell locations nationwide.

The new dish comes in two varieties including a regular Triple Double Crunchwrap and an additional spicy flavor with fresh jalapenos and spicy ranch sauce. Both versions go for $3.49—a small price to pay for the food coma that will ensue shortly after consuming.

As if the gigantic new Crunchwrap weren’t enough on its own, Brand Eating reports the Triple Double will be available as part of Taco Bell’s $5 Big Box Combo that also includes a Crunchy Taco, Doritos Locos Taco, and a medium drink. 

Excited fans of Taco Bell have already been buzzing about the Triple Double Crunchwrap, with one enthusiast begging the question “Anyone tailgating for the Triple Double Crunchwrap?” The new Crunchwrap came out yesterday, July 14, so feel free to hit up your nearest Taco Bell and score one today.