Taco Bell’s New Naked Egg Taco is The “Click Bait” of Breakfasts, Claims Food Expert


(Photo: Taco Bell)

In the restaurant’s continuing quest to be the quirkiest place to get cheap, slightly nauseating Mexican fast food, Taco Bell has unveiled the latest in a long line of “naked” tacos. This time, we all get to learn what happens when you replace a hard taco’s corn tortilla shell with a single fried egg.

The result is pretty much what you’d expect; a breakfast taco which is essentially a bunch of potato, bacon, sausage, and cheese, all wrapped up in an egg. It’s also, according to one food expert, a reflection on sensationalism in modern eating.

Sophie Egan, author of the book Devoured (about the place of food in culture), argues that the egg shell is a “stunt food” that’s more designed in grabbing attention than actually tasting good:

“These species of food-like products are the click bait of the physical world. They’re so shocking you can’t help but react and respond.”

It’s hard to argue with this appraisal of Taco Bell’s new breakfast item. After all, nobody really thinks that an egg is going to do a better job as a taco shell than a flour or corn tortilla – this is all about getting people into the restaurant without any thought for how we’re supposed to eat this kind of thing.

Source: Taco Bell

But, hey, maybe you’ll love the Naked Egg Taco – if you’re a fan of breakfast tacos, there’s no reason not to enjoy this as long as you can find a way to stop it from falling apart in your hands.

Fast food is a weird industry, we all know that. As long as people are enjoying the bizarre concoctions that Taco Bell is putting out, maybe it’s okay to have a bit of click bait food every now and then.

If you’re interested in the Naked Egg Taco, it goes on sale at Taco Bell restaurants nationwide from August 31.