Taco Bell’s Newest Quesadilla is Made With Your Favorite Wafer Chocolate Bar


(Photo: Taco Bell)

Taco Bell has really being trying to up its game lately.

From Lyft cars that send you home with a trip through the Taco Bell drive-thru en route, to the option for a wedding package for those rare few people who might want a quickie wedding with cheese on the side, it’s clear that the restaurant chain is willing to try a lot of new things.

The latest attempt at finding a new niche comes with an appeal to the chocolate-lovers of the world. Taco Bell’s new Chocoladilla is a standard quesadilla (not unlike the Cheetos quesadilla the restaurant offers periodically) that is filled with delicious, wafered Kit-Kat chocolate.

Source: Taco Bell

The Chocoladilla is made of four Kit-Kat fingers alongside a heap of melted chocolate, all fried within a flour tortilla. Several countries around the world have already had the joyous opportunity to enjoy this particular treat, so it’s a wonderful yet frustratingly rare care of America getting to try out a weird fast food item that’s debuted in another country first.

The Chocoladilla is on sale for just $1, but there is a catch – currently, the snack isn’t available everywhere. At present, it’s only testing in selected stored in Wisconsin. There are also rumors going around of other Chocoladillas testing in other locations which are made of Twix bars instead of Kit-Kats.

If you happen to be near to a testing store, it’s worth picking one up, if only so that other people around the country can also get the chance to enjoy chocolatey quesadilla goodness.

If you’re not anywhere near Wisconsin right now? Maybe it’s worth a quick weekend vacation – depending on how much you like Kit-Kats.