The Internet is Freaking Out Over a Change to the Nutella Recipe

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Nutella)

The internet is furious today, after it was discovered that the recipe for our beloved nectar, hazelnut spread Nutella, has been ever so slightly modified!

How dare parent company Ferrero change the recipe to Nutella?! This is an insult of the highest level!

Naturally, social media has seen a flurry of emboldened fans of the spread venting their frustration in a completely understandable fashion, using the hashtag #NutellaGate.

It seems that Ferrero has decided to play us all for fools, by diluting the amount of cacao that appears in every bottle of our delicious nutty sugar joy. Now, cacao appears slightly lower on the ingredients list, and this betrayal has not gone unnoticed by the ever-keen Nutella fan community.

Worst of all, this reduction in the amount of chocolate goop that goes into Nutella has meant a dramatic change in the spread’s coloring. New tubs of Nutella are slightly lighter in color than old ones, pretty much making them inedible.

Presumably, the issue is one of cost – cacao beans have risen in price a lot recently, forcing a lot of food companies to modify their recipes or else face a dip in profits.

In order to balance out the lack of chocolatey goodness in the new Nutella recipe, Ferrero has added more sugar instead. There’s also additional milk in the mix, too, because sugar isn’t exactly as creamy as chocolate spread.

All of this leads to a Nutella which, while tasting very similar, isn’t quite the same. Clearly, the manufacturers of this product are under the mistaken belief that they’re allowed to get away with making some form of profit from the production of their delicious products.

In reality, as we all know, Nutella is an inalienable human right – we should all be allowed cheap, easy access to the stuff at all times, even at 3am when most of the stores are shut and we’re suffering from a bad case of the munchies.

It’s unlikely that Fererro will reverse the formula change any time soon, but get ready for a wave of online petitions to hit Facebook in the near future.

If we all work together, we can fix this travesty and convince Fererro to bring back out beloved original recipe Nutella.

In the meantime, feel free to head to your local convenience store right now to see if any old recipe spread remains. That stuff’s probably going to be worth a fortune on eBay.