The Internet is Going Wild for Frozen Pizza Made out of Cauliflower


(Photo: Caulipower)

Pizza is amazing, and everyone should have the chance to enjoy it – even and especially fans of cauliflower.

While the dietary needs of various customers are a growing priority for many pizza companies, it’s still not exactly the main goal of many businesses. If you don’t eat cheese or wheat, you’re probably out of luck.

Such is the case for Gail Becker, a mom of two kids who both suffer from Celiac disease. Not happy with watching her two boys forced to endure a life without pizza, Becker started her own frozen pizza company, creating gluten-free pies to help give her sons an endless supply of delicious, cheesy fun.

There are plenty of substitutes that are used in gluten-free products, but Becker’s choice cauliflower, is fairly uncommon. Nevertheless, it led to a killer pun, and Caulipower, a brand of frozen pizzas made from ground cauliflower rather than from wheat.

The brand launched in February of this year, and already, it’s become one of the most popular pizzas in America. Caulipower recently rose to top Amazon’s best-sellers list, making it the most frequently purchased frozen pizza of the site’s entire catalog – this is in addition to appearances in stores like Walmart and Kroger around the country.

The Caulipower boxes note the benefits that this weird-sounding pizza has over more traditional frozen food, even for those who aren’t actively avoiding wheat. These pies have less than half the sugar of a traditional oven pizza, and a lot more Vitamin C thanks to the veggie base.

Sure, there’s still a large chunk of fattening cheese on the top of a Caulipower pizza, so they’re not exactly great for the lactose intolerant or vegans of the world, but the success of this humble little pizza brand shows the growing popularity of alternative forms of our favorite foods.

So while a pizza made of cauliflower may still sound like a bit of a weird idea, don’t be too surprised if even big name chains start selling knock-off products in the near future.

Cauliflower is the next great innovation in pizza technology.