The KFC VR Employee Training Experience Is The Stuff of Nightmares

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: KFC)

Kudos to KFC – their public relations team have been on top form lately.

Or, at least, they might be – if their plan has been to make us associate The Colonel with Jigsaw from the Saw movies, then mission definitely accomplished.

The fried chicken company has announced a VR “training” game, ostensibly only for its employees, that will teach users how to make KFC (although don’t expect the details on the famous secret recipe’s unique blend of herbs and spices – they don’t trust the average chicken fryer with that information), all while under the watchful eye of a series of incredibly creepy Colonel Sanders paintings and statues.

This is ostensibly an Escape Room in digital form, a kind of fun puzzle experience that’s growing in popularity, but that doesn’t generally involve quite as much nauseating raw chicken. It’s a good thing this game doesn’t come complete with genuine smells, otherwise this would all be too much to bear.

There’s a scary robot, some weird music, and moody lighting. This is a VR horror game based on cooking KFC, and it’s an official release from the company itself. That’s weirder than any comic book where the Colonel teams up with Green Lantern.

If anything, this game trailer really shows just how nightmarish and horrible it must be to work in a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. The next time you buy a bucket of greasy fried chicken, consider leaving a bigger than average tip for the poor beleaguered souls who, according to this game, are trapped in an endless nightmare of chicken frying that feels like a fever dream of the very worst kind.

The game hasn’t been released in full yet, but from the looks of it, KFC are after grabbing attention from the lucrative YouTube jumpscare crowd, so don’t be surprised if this thing turns up as a freebie for Oculus Rift in the near future.

In the meantime, does anyone else want some Popeyes? Watching this trailer is enough to kill anyone’s interest in eating KFC ever again!