The ‘3-Course Pizza’ Is an Appetizer, Main Course, and Dessert All in One Meal

Matthew Loffhagen
Instagram/Krave It
(Photo: Instagram/Krave It)

You know what’s great? Pizza.

Pizza’s so great, in fact, that we all kind of wish we could eat it not just as a main meal, but as a tasty sweet dessert and heck, even an appetizer for our meal!

Now, this is entirely possible, as New York restaurant Krave It has begun serving what they call the “first ever 3 course pizza”, which consists of three meals all in one go.

Designed to be eaten in the standard way you’d consume a slice of pizza, this delicious-sounding meal starts with onion rings for an appetizer, cheeseburger toppings to provide a hearty entrée, and finally, a crust that’s covered in fried Oreos and laced with icing sugar, to provide a sweet end to your slice of food.

Naturally, the whole thing is slathered in barbecue sauce – although both this and the cheese stop just short of the crust so that you’re not mixing too many flavors together in one go.

There are two size options for those looking to grab a slice of this special pizza – a 12-inch slice costs $20, while $30 will buy you a larger 18 inch slice instead.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to funky pizza toppings that are served at Krave It – customers can also enjoy vodka pizza, doughnut pizzas, or a particularly appealing nacho pizza that comes with guacamole and sour cream.

Considering that New York is already home to the best pizza on the planet, kudos to Krave It for kicking things up a notch with an extra special pie that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth and your burger craving, all in one go!

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