There’s a New Restaurant Coming that Serves Nothing But Cheetos

Matthew Loffhagen
The Spotted Cheetah
(Photo: The Spotted Cheetah)

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and thought to yourself, “I sure wish this place served more Cheetos”?

If so, then good news! New York City is gaining its very own Cheetos-themed restaurant, that serves a variety of dishes, all of which in some way incorporate tasty cheese puffs.

Appropriately named The Spotted Cheetah is, rather disappointingly, not a permanent addition to its host city – instead, it’s a pop-up that’s only going to be serving food from August 15 to August 17.

Mac N Cheetos
Source: The Spotted Cheetah

The restaurant menu is pretty darn nuts – as you’d expect from a theme of corn puffs, and celebrity chef Anne Burrell, who is inexplicably also a part of this.

Starters include Cheetos crusted fried pickles and Cheetos grilled tomato soup, while mains include tacos filled with Cheetos (somewhat fancier than the offering from Taco Bell), jalapeno mac n’ cheese with Cheetos (again, not to be confused with the Burger King variety), and spicy Cheetos nachos.

Then, there’s desert. Of course there’s also desert.

Cheetos Cookies
Source: The Spotted Cheetah

“Sweetos”, the sweet alternative to Cheetos, have been crushed down to make the base for a cheesecake, been mixed into cookie dough, and been sprinkled into crepes. It’s weird.

If you’re insane enough to think that this restaurant sounds like a good idea (rather than just rolling your eyes at the obvious marketing gimmick that it is), you’ll want to head immediately to The Spotted Cheetah’s website to join  the waitlist. It seems that, with this pop-up having such a short shelf life, reservations to actually get to eat there are filling up pretty fast.

If you can’t get a spot, don’t worry – it’s basically the same experience if you stay home and make your own delicious Cheeto-themed dinner. What’s more, if you do this, nobody’s going to judge you for eating them in your underwear.

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