There’s Now an Official Pokemon-Flavored McFlurry Range, and It Sounds Completely Disgusting

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Twitter/hitomitomtom)

Before we dive into the heart of this subject matter, go ahead and take a guess at which nation has gained their own Pokemon-themed McFlurries.

It’s not America, sadly, nor is it anywhere in the Western hemisphere. No, the country to gain their own McDonald’s ice creams based on characters like Pikachu and Squirtle is, of course, Japan.

Not in a hurry to be underestimated, Japan has made things really weird.

The new range of Pokemon McFlurry ice creams are based on some of the more popular of the original Pocket Monsters (all the better to fuel older fans’ nostalgia), and are mostly themed around fruit and vegetables rather than chocolate or candy.

Yes, that’s right, vegetables.

Pikachu’s McFlurry is banana and chocolate flavor, which sounds pretty good, while Jigglypuff gets peach flavor, which again, isn’t too bad. Squirtle’s McFlurry takes like soda, which is fitting as the Pokemon is a water type.

Then things get weird.

Bulbasaur’s McFlurry is broccoli flavor. No, seriously.

Charmander is represented by a habanero pepper flavored ice-cream, which while logical, sounds like a painful experience that nobody’s going to be in a hurry to try.

Finally, rounding things out, is Gengar, one of the less popular Pokemon on this list (although that’s simply because all the others are staple mascots for the franchise). Gengar’s McFlurry tastes like a purple potato.

Well that sounds horrid.

Pokemon McFlurry
Source: McDonald’s

It’s worth assuming that these particular McFlurry flavors aren’t going to make their way to the States any time soon, and that’s absolutely fine with us. Good luck to the McDonald’s customers who are going to be enjoying a broccoli flavored McFlurry in the near future, but we’ll stick to something a little less vomit-inducing.

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