This Poetic Ode To Cheese Is Sooo Cheesy, Literally And Figuratively

Lindsay Weglarz
this poem is so cheesy
(Photo: Break)

“This Poem Is So Cheesy”

Your piquant scent wafts through the room

Delighting all the faces

But they devour you too soon

Leaving vacant spaces


In my heart and in my tummy

A creamy, dairy muse

Your many flavors, all so yummy

My one true bouche-amuse


You’re at your best when warm and oozing

Or paired with a fine wine

While dining, snacking or just boozing

O Cheese! I’ll make you mine


Fromage, how do you taste so good

As a topping or in dips?

Had I my way, only you could

Ever kiss me on my lips


Were you a man, you’d be my boo

But you’re just food, a snack, some grub

Still, every night I dream of you 

So, know that you are loved

And always will be mine

O Cheese