The Top 10 Guinness Commercials

Ross Gardiner
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Forget Budweiser, Coors, Grey Goose, and Stella Artois; Guinness has the best marketing team in alcohol. The company’s forward thinking approach to branding runs in the tradition of the nation it hails from. Artistic, literary notes are often undercut with a quintessentially Irish sense of humor and a quiet awareness that they really are the most interesting mainstream beer in the world.

Over the years, Guinness has spent millions on their experimental commercials and there is no question that this has yielded positive results. Everyone knows Guinness, and there are many people out there that have an aversion towards anything other than light lager but will gladly dip their nose into a creamy pint of the black stuff from time to time.

This is a rundown of the best Guinness commercials of all-time. It also gives you a look at how they managed to define the mystique and prestige of the company in the modern era.

Wheelchair Basketball

We almost shed a tear. This is one of their newer commercials and shows that while Guinness’ golden age of ads in the late ’90s is behind them, they haven’t shown any signs of conforming to mainstream alcohol branding. Bravo man.

The Banned Ad – NSFW 

And then there’s this….


Focusing on the Sapeurs, a decadent, haute-couture loving subculture in the Congo, this commercial is outrageously stylish and, as usual, inspiring in its own way.

Paint The Town Black

We’re not going to get into the argument about whether or not it’s acceptable to paint a horse, but this is a visually arresting, extremely playful ad to commemorate the life of the company’s founder Arthur Guinness.


Guinness has always focused on “time” being a vital attribute of their philosophy. Patience is a virtue, they once famously said, and this beautifully shot commercial takes that a little farther.


Part of their “Made of More” campaign, this quirky ad feels like it could’ve been penned in Pixar’s studio.

Bring It To Life

These are the men that built the earth. This is easily one of the most extravagent commercials we’ve ever seen.


This superb ad is arguably the most “Irish” of their modern commericials.


The Swimmer

Jonathan Glazer‘s second best Guinness commercial is the story of a local hero who inspires his Italian village in an annual swimming race.


And finally, here it is: the best commercial we’ve ever seen. Good things come to those who wait.