Total Psycho Bathes in 1,250 Bottles of Hot Sauce and Chilies


(Photo: Youtube.)

What does the gateway to hell look like?

To YouTube star Cemre Candar, it looks something like a bathub filled with 1,250 bottles of hot sauce.

For no apparent reason—other than that it is his schtick to submerge himself in everything from chocolate sauce, to beer, and even Oreos—Candar decided to take a bath in hot sauce and chilies.

It went about as expected. And thankfully Candar was up to the task of stating the brutally, painfully obvious.

"Ooh. Ooh. Oh god, it's in my butt!" he screamed as he sat in the thick red mixture.

Then, again inexplicably, he drank some hot sauce, bit into a chili, and submerged his head.

"My eyes! It's in my eyes!" he wailed, enduring excrutiating pain all in the name of science and/or getting more subscribers.

Candar then updated his fans on his condition. And the effects seemed to have lasted—his skin was still red, like a sunburn, hours after the scene that looked straight out of a 1970s horror flick.

“I’ve been through hell, and come back. It was in my nose. It was in my ears," he said before rolling his eyes. "This was the greatest idea I ever had.”