Trump Gets Called Out at Rally for Ordering His Steaks Well-Done


(Photo: Getty/Shutterstock)

Donald Trump just got called out for making the most blasphemous restaurant order heard around the world, and two people in particular are not impressed!

It all began when good old Donald was dining at the best steak restaurant in Manchester, New Hampshire. A reporter for the Daily Telegraph, who was seated nearby, overheard Trump’s food order. Clearly the reporter was offended by it, as she immediately took to Twitter and blasted Trump for ordering his rib eye steak WELL-DONE.

Ruth Sherlock, the journalist who reported Trump’s well-done steak order, has since been re-tweeted over 100 times by people taking note of his misstep. The steak incident happened on Monday, February 8, and during a speech two days later in Pendleton, South Carolina, Trump totally got shamed for it—as he should.   

A total bro, donning a popped collar, sunglasses, and red snapback hat, was strategically seated behind Trump’s podium during a speech he was giving at Clemson University. Midway through the Republican frontrunner’s speech, homeboy could be seen making a mockery of Trump by swaying back and forth in his seat and holding up a sign reading, “TRUMP LIKES HIS STEAK WELL DONE” in hollow block letters.

After a few seconds of holding up his sign, the incognito man retreated and casually slid his front-facing cap backwards like a boss. According to Business Insider, the man who exposed Trump during his South Carolina rally appears to be Massachusetts native Zach Etkind, who has gone viral on YouTube for pulling other stunts under the moniker “Donnie Does” and sneaking into the ring during a Manny Pacquiao fight.

Trump is known to be disliked for many things, and now it looks like we can add the fact that he prefers a well-done steak to the list.