INFOGRAPHIC: How to Thaw, Brine and Cook Your Turkey Precisely

Brooke Newberry
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Now that we're tossing out poorly carved pumpkins, washing the last of the face paint out of our ears and seeing Christmas decorations appear, Operation Thanksgiving computation starts now.

While we realize our friends and families aren’t all that average, the serving estimates are based on the average adult. Thanksgiving cooking can be an extremely complicated operation. You have to work out the proper poundage and roast it right, always make enough stuffing, and don’t forget that people will have more than one piece of pie.

Well, as always The Savory has gotchu covered. We've made a handy little infographic that explains how to perfectly prepare your Thanksgiving meal!


Or, if you are adept at Excel and have been called a perfectionist, then this thing is for you.

* Revised by Ross Gardiner on 11/4/2014

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