Couple Orders Pizza on UberEats, Gets a Big Bag of Moldy Garbage Instead

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Twitter)

UberEats, ride service Uber‘s response to food delivery apps like Seamless and Postmates, had a pair of customers sour on them recently when the couple received a bag of moldy sandwiches instead of the (very much not moldy) pizza they’d ordered.

Even before the former food arrived, couple Anna Kotlikova and Blake Weinzettl knew something was off about their order.

When they got an alert that their food was en route, the app showed that the driver was “at least 15 minutes away”; Montana’s, the restaurant from which they ordered pizza on Sunday night, is just down the street.

Then it came.

“The smell overwhelmed the whole room,” Kotlikova told CBC.

Instead of pizza, they were met with a large brown bag with two moldy sandwiches, one partly eaten, an old salad, and “two unidentifiable disks.”

The plot then thickened when the couple shared their experience to Facebook, and a commenter noted that a friend had experienced something similar with Montana’s that same night.

Indeed, Sathes Kumar, general manager of the nearby Montana’s, confirmed that they’d received two identical complaints from Sunday night. When Kotlikova and Weinzettl called Montana’s the night of, the manager insisted the food had been properly prepared and packed before being handed off to an UberEats driver.

“I don’t know where he [the driver] got this mysterious big brown bag with an order number, which wasn’t even our order number, or the order number from the restaurant,” Kotlikova said.

The restaurant filed a complaint with UberEats, as did the couple.

The couple’s complaints were met with a scripted corporate response, a refund, and a $25 voucher.

“So we don’t know if he regularly drives for Uber? We have no idea,” Kotlikova said. “That’s why we wanted Uber to have a sense of urgency and figure this out and at least update us on what’s going on. … I don’t know where this guy was driving to, because he definitely did go somewhere. And where is this old food coming from? And why is he doing this?”

The driver had a rating of 4.8 out of 5 before the incident, with no reports of such kind.

“We are continuing to work with the restaurant and the driver to help understand what may have happened,” an Uber spokesperson said in a statement. “We have removed this driver’s access to UberEats and Uber as we look further into this.” 

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