U.K. Cadbury Launches Oreo Creme Egg

Matthew Loffhagen
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Just when the Creme Egg couldn’t get any better, Cadbury goes and combines it with the deliciousness of Oreo cookies.

Now that we’ve got Christmas out of the way, it’s time for stores to start aggressively marketing Easter at us, which, as per the usual tradition, comes with a seemingly unending variety of chocolate eggs and rabbit-shaped treats.

Perhaps the crowning jewel of the Easter season is the mighty Cadbury Creme Egg, a chocolate egg that comes filled with delicious gooey, sugary goop.

This year, though, chocolate fans in the UK are able to try a new variety of the popular snack, as Cadbury provides a version of the classic Creme Egg which comes filled with Oreo cookie goodness.



The result is very similar to the Oreo cookie bar that launched recently in the US, but in an egg shape to meet the season. The egg comes in a plastic casing instead of a foil wrap, presumably to avoid breakage in transit, as this version of the Creme Egg may not be as sturdy as the original recipe.

While this treat is new to U.K. customers, Canadian Oreo enthusiasts have already been blessed by the Oreo Creme Egg for quite some time – no doubt the popularity of the product in that reason has seen Cadbury expand its availability into a new market.

All of this means that those of us in the US may not have to wait forever until we get our hands on an Oreo egg ourselves – fingers crossed it ends up making its way down from our neighbors in the north sooner rather than later.

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