Unicorn Noodles Are Utterly Beautiful, and Ridiculously Easy to Cook From Scratch

Matthew Loffhagen
Instagram/The Indigo Kitchen
(Photo: Instagram/The Indigo Kitchen)

2017 has been the year of colorful, mythical food and drink.

The world went nuts for Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino during its brief tenure in stores across the country, and when that didn’t manage to entirely satisfy customers, we even got some reports of a dragon variety of the popular frapp.

Now, though, The Indigo Kitchen has debuted a recipe for Unicorn noodles that surpass any Starbucks product in two key ways. Firstly, you can make it at home yourself without too much hassle. Secondly, these noodles’ bright colors are completely natural, and the meal is actually a healthy treat. Weird, huh?


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The recipe for these delicious noodles points out how the magic works. The key ingredient is purple cabbage, which when boiled alongside clear or white noodles allows the vegetable’s rich coloring to soak into the stringy noodles.

This leaves you with blue noodles, because red cabbage is a tricky beast, and you can alter the darkness of the color based on how much time the noodles boil for, and how much water is in the pan.

Unicorn Noodles in a Bowl
Source: The Indigo Kitchen

Finally, though, the magic comes with lemon juice – by adding a splash of lemon, the citric acid in the fruit juice reacts with the cabbage’s coloring to produce beautiful pink noodles. A little practice and experimentation can create beautiful works of art, all of which are made from wholly natural ingredients.

So if you’re interested in trying a beautiful, healthy pink noodle dish, it’s worth having a look at The Indigo Kitchen’s website for the specifics on the recipe. This is way better than a sugary pink frapp from Starbucks!

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