The U.S. is Literally Sitting on a Mountain of Cheese


(Photo: OBSEV)

Did you hear that? That was the collective screams of 99.9% of the population stampeding their way to the grocery store because according to Bloomberg, the U.S. is in the midst of a giant cheese surplus.

Yes, you read that correctly. The United States is legitimately sitting atop a mountain of cheese. In fact, ever since 1984, the same year that Prince’s Purple Rain came out, there has been a steady increase in the country’s cheese stockpile. According to a graph adequately titled “Welcome to Cheese Mountain,” the U.S. has somehow acquired over 1.2 BILLION pounds of cheese.


Apparently, European dairy products are so cheap right now that the U.S. has essentially become the number one overseas customer for butter and cheese. The European Commission reports that sales of butter doubled and sales of cheese rose more than 17% in the last year.

Kevin Bellamy, a global dairy market strategist at Rabobank International in Utrecht, the Netherlands, said, "It's been difficult for them to export, given the strong dollar, and they're sucking in imports. Where the U.S. has lost out on business, Europe has gained.”

We might’ve lost out on business, but one thing is for certain: We’re winning the cheese hoarding game and I don’t think many people in America will be beating themselves up over that any time soon.