Usain Bolt is Launching a Fast Food Chain, and it Looks Absolutely Delicious


(Photo: Pop-Up Gourmet Jamaica)

The end of an era has come, as super speedy sprinter Usain Bolt retires from professional running in order to focus on new pursuits.

What kind of pursuits? How about a Jamaican restaurant chain? That sounds like a pretty good new step!

Bolt already has a single restaurant, called Track and Record, in Kingston in his home country of Jamaica. Now, though, his business is to expand, creating an additional fourteen locations, and turning his one-off culinary experience into a delicious chain for diners to enjoy.

The restaurants will serve traditional Jamaican dishes including jerk pork and pan chicken, but there’s also be meals that Americans will be more familiar with, such as good old burgers.


Have a lunch date? Stop by for a Thursday table for two!

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“Burgers a la Usain” sound fancy, but there’s unfortunately no magical ingredient that makes them any different to regular burgers – from the onion rings to the bacon and the cheese, nothing here is going to gift diners the power to sprint faster than anybody else (unless you’ve stolen the burger from Usain himself and you’re desperate to get away before he can grab you, in which case you might find hitherto unknown speed in the three seconds before you’re pummelled).

It’s a bit weird that one of the fittest men on the planet is now going to be shilling greasy burgers to an ever widening audience (widening in more ways than one!), but that’s the world we live in now.

It’s not yet known where the fourteen new locations for Track and Record franchises will be built. We do know that London is getting at least one of these restaurants, which makes sense considering the city’s existing fondness for Jamaican culture and food.

If we all cross our fingers nice and tight, though, one or more of these stores might make their way to the US at some point in the near future.


Are you a curry goat fan? Which do you prefer- white rice or rice and peas?

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For anyone wanting to find out what kind of food Usain Bolt likes to associate with his own name, this is going to be a pretty darn big deal.