A Very Private Valentine’s Day Message To My True Love: Cheese Fries

Lindsay Weglarz
valentine's day message to cheese fries
(Photo: We Heart It)

Dearest Cheese Fries,

Just writing your name makes my mouth wet. I’m so #Blessed to spend this holiday with you, to call you mine. I know some people dread Valentine’s Day. But not me. Because you always show up dressed to the nines (in your best cheese sauce).

cheese fries

Do you know what I love about you, Cheese Fries? How natural you are. Your natural cut, your golden complexion. You’re crispy and crunchy in all the right places. You always hit my spot. And the heat you bring, ugh, it’s so unreal. God, baby, you’re always so hot. Almost too hot for me to bite into you sometimes. But that’s the risk I crave in a relationship. That little bit of danger. You know what I like.

cheese fries

And you’re so relaxed, Cheese Fries. Thank you for being open enough to let me have that threesome with you. Even though Ketchup didn’t really vibe with us, I’m glad we tried it. By the way, Sriracha Sauce has been hitting me up to make things a little spicier. But I’ll only do that if it’s what you want too, baby.

I hope this letter shows you how much you mean to me. I think about you all day and night. And some mornings, I wake up extra early just so I can have you sooner. Because I need it. I know you’re bad for me. But you taste so good.

This Valentine’s Day, all I want is you. No chocolates or flowers. No cards. Just you and your huge, thick wedges, oozing that hot, gooey cheese and sliding down my throat. Happy Valentine’s Day, Cheese Fries.