This Vegan Blue Latte is Only Popular Because it Looks Good on Instagram

Tina Rivera
(Photo: MatchaMylkbar)

Because the Pink Drink from Starbucks is “so yesterday” and coffee shops are super into serving colorful beverages sans caffeine these days, a new café in Melbourne, Australia has created a Blue Latte that tastes nothing like coffee and exactly like seaweed. Seriously—it’s like swallowing the ocean!

The Blue Latte hails from Matcha Mylkbar and includes a concoction of ginger, lemon, coconut milk, agave, and blue algae powder. Completely vegan and completely non reminiscent of a latte, the new drink contains zero trace of coffee but hey, it looks good on Instagram, so that’s all that matters. 

Of the blue drink, co-owner Nic Davidson says this: “It’s got quite a unique taste, ginger and lemon. It’s not the taste you expect when you see a blue drink. You expect this really sweet, bubblegum taste, like drinks you had when you were a kid.”

The beverage, which goes for $8 (£4.60), contains blue algae powder and is said to have a strong seaweed type smell with a sour after taste—can anything good come from this drink?! Apparently, because blue algae powder “supports mind and body balance, and the immune, nervous, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems,” said Davidson.

Matcha Mylkbar sold a whopping 100 Blue Lattes since it’s release earlier this week and not surprisingly, it has taken over Instagram feeds everywhere. With a seaweed smell, sour milk after taste, no caffeine and $8 price tag, co-owner Mark Filippelli says the Smurf drink remains popular “Because it is so pretty, it is Instagram-able.” 

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