Video: What Happens When You Put Wine in a SodaStream? Cham-Pain!


We’ve been obsessed with the world opportunities the come with the SodaStream. The controversial home carbonation device represents a huge amount of potential for the DIY-enthusiast. But before you find yourself getting excited about the world of fizzy grossness that you can conjure up, you should probably heed the warnings, suggestions and guidelines on the bottle…

We got wrapped up in the absurd and started to plan out carbonated chocolate milk, fresh orange juice and coconut milk, but after consulting the internet for some support we learned that there are potentially enormous risks associated with putting anything other than water into a SodaStream. Those risks include explosions.


We love you, and we would gladly put ourselves in danger to bring you wonderful content. So without further adieu, this is what happened when we put chardonnay into a SodaStream and tried to make a lovely sparkling wine! WARNING: Do not try this at home.