Walmart Debuts Brand New Peeps Oreos

Matthew Loffhagen

It’s nearly Easter, and that means another wave of exciting seasonal products.

You can take your candy canes and stuff them, Christmas. Presents are fun, but there’s no holiday that’s quite as devoted to inventive new forms of candy as the celebration of rebirth and the start of Spring.

While this year has already given us Oreo creme eggs, it seems that the popular cookie brand isn’t done innovating just yet. The newest delicious Oreo flavor to hit store shelves is a collaboration with Peeps, the delicious chick-shaped pink marshmallows that are every bit the spirit of this holiday season.

The cookies have been spotted on the Walmart website, although they’re sadly not yet available for purchase, meaning that potential customers will have to wait with baited breath until they get the chance to try them for themselves.



It’s expected that these cookies will feature Oreo’s vanilla flavored outer sandwiches, combined with what the packaging describes as “Marshmallow Peeps flavor creme" – that said, there’s every chance that the crunchy parts of this cookie will have a fun original flavor as well.

For now, there’s nothing for eager fans to do but wait. Easter is on the way, and so are these brand new Oreos.

If you’re interested in them, though, you’d better stock up while you have the chance – there’s no guarantee that these cookies will be available forever once Easter passes us by.