Walmart Is Now Selling The World’s Weirdest ‘Sweet and Sour’ Fruit-Flavored Pickles

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Walmart)

Have you ever looked at a pickle and wondered what it would taste like if it was dipped in fruit punch?

If you have, there’s a chance you’re from the deep South, where this dish is (supposedly) a fairly popular snack.

At least, that’s what Walmart is claiming, as the mega store chain now brings customers Tropickles, which, as the name implies, are pickles that are sold soaking in tropical red fruit punch.

Tropickles Great Value
Source: Walmart

The marketing buzz surrounding this product is a bit confused – on the one hand, we’re to believe that this is a common food in some parts of the US (feel free to leave a comment if this is true for your family), while a statement from the company responsible for this mess claims that Tropickles are a very modern invention:

“The modern-day couple, the pickle and fruit punch met on social media (they bonded over recipes on Pinterest, to be exact); now, we are celebrating their union on Walmart store shelves.”

If there’s one thing that the Pinterest brand doesn’t stand for, it’s sweet, juicy pickles. That’s a far cry from the carefully decorated cakes that fill most boards.

But hey, maybe there’s a secret underground fruity pickle movement that uses Pinterest (or Pickleterest, as they must surely call it) to share tips for getting the perfect mix of vinegar and sugar in one of these unusual mixes.

If so, the group will no doubt be thrilled to learn about Tropickles, even if the rest of us are steering clear of what sounds horribly like a food abomination.

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