WATCH: Japanese Woman Devours 150 Chicken Nuggets in One Sitting


(Photo: YouTube)

Yuka Kinoshita might be a tiny woman, but her ability to devour ungodly amounts of food proves she’s big in Japan! Thanks to a “unique” stomach condition and her love of eating, the petite YouTube star has garnered nearly half a billion views with over 1.5 million subscribers—all for inhaling food in front of a camera.

Kinoshita’s latest endeavor involves eating 150 Chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s in one sitting, and without ever breaking a sweat or puking. Known as the “Gluttonous Beauty” for good reason, Kinoshita purchased 10 boxes of nuggets each containing 15 pieces because, well—there was a special at McDonald’s.

“Currently McDonald’s is offering 15 McNuggets for only 380 yen ($3.76 USD) so I bought 10 packs of them and so today we have 150 nuggets,” Kinoshita excitedly explains at the beginning of her video. Along with the nuggets, the YouTube star also purchased two medium summer shakes and 16 sauce packets including flavors barbecue, mustard, curry fruit and cream cheese. 

“They’re so delicious. Nuggets are so delicious,” Kinoshita delightfully explains halfway through the 5-minute clip. Providing commentary throughout the entire video, Kinoshita never runs short of breath as she goes on to finish every last nugget.

Other popular videos by the YouTuber include ingesting 3,485 calories worth of lasagna packed with extra cheese and 8,000 calories worth of sugar-loaded pastries from Starbucks. While Kinoshita's talents are no doubt rare, she explains, "my stomach is able to expand and fill up all the spaces within my body. That is why I can eat so much."