Watch This Maniac Eat 120 Grams of the World’s Spiciest Pepper for a World Record

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Youtube.)

Move over, "fire-breathing idiot" who ripped a Carolina Reaper—the world's spiciest pepper—from a bong.

Step aside, guy who went deaf forcing himself to eat too much of the "spiciest noodles in the world."

And watch yourself, insane person who bathed in chilies and 1,250 bottles of hot sauce.

Because there's a new spicy food-enduring madman on the loose, and he just gobbled down 120 grams of Carolina Reapers at the Arizona Hot Sauce Expo in a minute to set a new Guinness World Record.

But Greg Foster, a former pepper farmer, was under no illusions before he undertook the feat—he knew full well the effects would last for days.

“My name is Greg and I’m from California,” he said. “I'm going to rock this, man. I’m going to eat so many peppers, I’m going to be sh*tting fire for two weeks.”

He beat the previous record by a mere gram. I guess we'll found out if it was worth it in two weeks or so.


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