We Tried Taco Bell’s Quesalupa, Which Is Basically a Puff Pastry + a Taco

Madison Vanderberg
(Photo: obsev / restaurant news)

Today, Taco Bell unveiled its brand new Quesalupa, which follows in the tradition of all Taco Bell food, a.k.a. combining two things you’re OK with eating and then topping them with the Taco Bell trinity (lettuce, tomato, and sour cream). In this case, the Quesalupa is part quesadilla and part chalupa.

Well, we ate it. Here are our reviews.

Olivia: The Quesalupa has the universal Taco Bell taste, but also puff pastry.

Malcolm: Taco Bell’s latest delicacy, the Quesalupa, fuses seemingly disparate ingredients in an intriguing blend of Tex-Mex and haute French cuisine, achieving a supernova both on the palate and, later, out one’s sphincter.



Noz: Tastes like Taco Bell. It's nowhere near as cheesy as the commercial lead me to believe it would be, so that’s disappointing. It's basically a Taco Supreme in a chewy fried shell, so that makes it one of the better items on the Taco Bell menu. However, I don’t think its gonna be a staple for my Taco Bell order, but it's a nice new way to present the standard five ingredients of Taco Bell.

Justin: Anyone going into the Quesalupa experience expecting that stretchy cheese pull-apart moment will be disappointed. I had to poke around the flaky shell for a bit to confirm there was, in fact, cheese in there. It's there, just congealed. Like someone steamrolled a tiny empanada. That's not to say my Quesalupa wasn't tasty. It's upper tier Taco Bell, but certainly not anything deserving of the social media fanfare it received this past month.

There was also reportedly a breakfast Quesalupa, which the office unanimously confirmed was something they’d be interested in eating, as evidenced by the “Ohhhhhh, cool,” echoed throughout the room.