We Turned McNuggets & Other Fast Food Staples Into Weed Pipes for 4/20


(Photo: OBSEV)

We’ve all been there — you’ve got some weed but no apparatus to smoke out of. And while it’s pretty common knowledge that you can make a pipe out of simple household items, like an apple or a water bottle, we thought it would be a fantastic idea to make pipes out of some of our favorite fast food staples because essentially, you’re killing two birds with one stone here: You can get high AND take care of your munchies all in one fell swoop.

We spent almost two hours driving around to fast food chains throughout Los Angeles to pick up some of our favorite munchies to smoke out of, including Jack in the Box, Wienerschnitzel, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell (okay, that last one was solely for our dining pleasure because smoking out of a Quesarito or Crunch Wrap Supreme is impossible).

And while some may think that any fast food item would be impossible to smoke out of, we say: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.


Wendy’s Baked Potato

This one was easy to make a pipe out of, but in order for this to work, we had to order a plain baked potato uncut. Uncut is the key here. And even though we let it sit for a good 30 – 40 minutes, be cautious of inhaling all that potato steam when you light up because we weren’t expecting it and it was definitely an unwelcomed surprise.


McDonald’s Apple Pie

The trick here is to let the apple pie congeal first. You can’t make a proper dessert pipe out of a steaming hot fried apple pie — that’s just common sense. Never mind the fact that common sense and smoking out of an apple pie are literally on the opposite ends of the spectrum, but still.


Jack in the Box Eggroll

First off, you never really realize how extensive Jack in the Box’s menu is until you’re staring at it in the drive-thru, sober, at 2 in the afternoon. Besides Panda Express, J-Box might be the only other fast food chain that has eggrolls. Its shape makes it ideal for toking out of. You also might get a strong eggroll-aftertaste when you exhale.


McDonald’s Chicken McNugget

Not going to lie, we were super skeptical about this one — chicken nuggets are so damn tiny. This one was probably the easiest to make a tiny little pipe out of because McNuggets are made with basically zero actual chicken ingredients. I like to call this one The McNUG Hit.


Wienerschnitzel Corndog

You really couldn't dream of an easier fast food item to smoke out of. Most of the work is already done for you — push the stick through until you're about an inch away from the tip, carve a little bowl out of the top and you've got a corndog pipe. Simple as that. 


Jack in the Box Mini Churro

There was absolutely no doubt that the churro would be the most efficient and easiest fast food item to smoke out of. All you have to do is hollow out the churro by sticking a straw through the cinnamon goo on the inside and voila! Edible dessert pipe.


Pizza Hut Breadsticks

PSA: Smoking weed out of a chain of breadsticks is next to impossible. Every attempt yielded the same results: warm, soggy garlic air.

To check out us creating and testing these fast food pipes, watch the video below. HAPPY 4/20, Y’ALL.