Wendy’s Is Savagely Roasting Everyone on Twitter

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Twitter.)

Whoever manages the Wendy's Twitter account apparently made a resolution for 2017: hold nothing back.

Just three days into the new year, the fast-food burger joint's Twitter feed erupted when a troll challenged their "fresh, never frozen" slogan.

In the end, the troll got embroiled thanks to a Wendy's burn that enlightened the opposition regarding modern refrigerating appliances.

Pretty soon, the Wendy's feed was full of Twitter users just begging to be roasted by the new king of actually entertaining corporate social media accounts.

And they've been at it ever since, directing their disdain toward whever wants it, plus McDonald's. There's predictably a lot of ripping McDonald's.

Wendy's: square patties, cool Twitterers.

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