Someone Finally Defeated Wendy’s in a Twitter Battle


(Photo: YouTube)

Since kicking off 2017 by roasting (broiling?) everything and everyone in sight on Twitter, fast-food chain Wendy’s has rightfully sat as the King of Corporate Twitter—owning an account that’s not afraid to crank up the heat on users who dare challenge them.

If you don’t believe me, peep their replies any day of the week and you’re likely to find some good dishing, like this.

But they may have met their match in the form of Major League Baseball‘s Oakland Athletics.

Check out this exchange from last week, in which whoever manages the A’s account savagely ends the Wendy’s helmer.

Classic self-burn–turned–burn: Thanks to some horrendous defense, the A’s have to this point of the season surrendered more runs than any other team in the American League.

And while I don’t have stats to back up Oakland’s claims of run-inducing on the part of Wendy’s, it’s hard to deny the anecdotal evidence is there.