World’s Oldest Person Reveals Diet Secret That’s Kept Her Alive 117 Years


(Photo: The Sun)

Some of us would like to live past the age of 100, and with modern medicine and all we know about the human body, it’s possible now more than ever. The average lifespan of humans has been gradually increasing over the years and it’s certainly a blessing. But if you want to make it past 100, you need some good luck, good genes, and good nutrition. Recently, we found out what the world’s oldest person eats, and it could give us some insight into how to make it to those advanced ages.

Emma Martina Luigia Morano was the world’s oldest person at 117-years-old when she passed away in April 2017. And you know her secret for making it that long? It was something she ate every single day for about 90 years.


Morano claimed that she would eat about three eggs per day for over 90 years of her life. If you are turning your nose up at the thought of eating so many eggs throughout your life, science has backed up the claim that eggs should be considered a superfood.

They are loaded with vitamins and minerals, and despite what many people might think, they are good for cholesterol. Plus, they have a ton of protein packed into that little shell so you can be jacked up into your later years. Additionally, they are pretty cheap, so you can get your healthy living on without breaking the bank!

So do you think you’ll take Morano’s advice and start including more eggs in your diet? Or are you cool with never becoming the world’s oldest person?