Woman Completes The Philly 10K While Eating as Many Different Tacos as Possible

Matthew Loffhagen
Anna Orso/Billy Penn
(Photo: Anna Orso/Billy Penn)

The Philly 10k run took place last weekend, and a lot of very sporty people ran very fast for a very long time.

And then, there was Anna Orso, who in an article for Billy Penn, has described her own incredible journey of hardship and endurance, as instead of running around across Philadelphia, she took on a more noble goal: eating tacos in as many different restaurants as possible.

Orso’s plan was simple – she mapped out the official route for the Philly 10k, then set about locating every possible taco restaurant along the way. Then, walking her way through the entire ten kilometer (around five miles) course, she went into every restaurant on the route to sit down and eat a taco.

This is not a challenge for the faint of heart – all in all, she consumed fourteen tacos on her journey, which is difficult enough if you’re not also trying to walk 10k.

This wasn’t enough, though – Anna realized at the end of her food binge that the final restaurant on the route was none other than a Chipotle, and, while stomaching this (and already being very full of tacos), she wanted to end on a more triumphant note.

Source: Anna Orso/Billy Penn

Having completed the course, then, she hopped on her bike and headed to South Philly Pizza, which had been closed when she’d walked past it initially, to eat her final taco before making her way slowly home.

In the world of sports, a lot of attention is drawn to the big winners – those who, through grit and determination, manage to do what few other humans can ever achieve.

If this praise is deserved, then surely we need to hold up a triumphant Anna Olsen as an example of what foodies can achieve if we really work at it.

It’s worth checking out Anna’s entire article on her journey, as it’s a really phenomenal story, but be warned – all the photos of tacos will make you very hungry.