Woman Sets New World Record for Eating The In-N-Out 50×50 Challenge in Just 40 Minutes


(Photo: Foodbeast)

The In-N-Out Burger 50×50 Challenge has been beaten, as a brand new foodie rises to fame by doing something that’s never been done before!

There’s a new rising star of the competitive eating circuit to keep an eye on, as a relatively unknown YouTuber has begun dominating a quick succession of food challenges in almost no time at all.

Raina Huang, of Walnut, CA, has seemingly appeared out of nowhere, showing off her eating skills by munching her way through an 8lb burrito and a 6.5lb plate of sushi on YouTube videos for the world to see.

Raina started taking her impressive skills onto the pro circuit very recently – a few weeks ago, she won the Pabst Blue Ribbon Pizza Eating Challenge at Oozefest 3 by consuming sixteen slices of pizza in just ten minutes.

Now, Huang has done what previously seemed impossible, by beating In-N-Out Burger’s 50×50 Challenge in a single sitting.

The challenge has previously been attempted by many major competitive eaters, who’ve tried their hands at consuming the entire fifty In-N-Out patties, but until now the competitive eating circuit has never seen a star finish the entire thing.

Last year, big name star Freak Eating managed to get through forty In-N-Out patties, but a full fifty seemed impossible – at least, at the time.

Now, Raina has managed to best this challenge, consuming the entire thing, and setting a new world record for speed eating the mammoth meal. While the very end of the challenge was no picnic for the competitive eating newcomer, she was able to outlast even the more established pros, and did so at a far faster pace than anyone could have expected.

Her final completion time clocked in at an insanely impressive forty minutes, blowing away what anyone else thought was even possible.

It just goes to show that you should never judge a competitive eater by their size – you never know who might be the next big hero of the foodie community.