Woman Strips Naked, Preaches Gospel, Throws Bows, and Fights Through a Taser—All in a Waffle House

Tina Rivera
(Photo: OBSEV / Shutterstock)

A Georgia woman has landed in the Cobb County jail after committing multiple offenses that include preaching to customers, punching a woman four times, and stripping naked in a Waffle House—all in that order.

According to witnesses, on January 8, Jennifer Nicholson arrived at a Waffle House in Kennesaw, GA, accompanied by a man who soon left her alone in the restaurant.

Once Nicholson became aware she was flying solo, she began preaching to customers and all hell broke loose.  

One witness claims Nicholson followed her out of and back inside the restaurant. When the woman told Nicholson she wanted to be left alone, Nicholson allegedly punched her four times. Once in the nose and chest and twice on her arm.

According to her arrest warrant, Nicholson’s single blow to the witnesses’ nose was impactful enough to break it. Ouch.

As if that weren’t enough for Nicholson, she then allegedly threw a platter of food at the SAME witness, but missed and destroyed a nearby window.  

Another witness told police that when he tried to leave the restaurant, Nicholson stopped him and wrapped her arms around him, “like a bear hug.” He got away unharmed.

In an unsightly turn, police say upon arrival they saw “a naked woman on her knees blocking a man inside his booth.” Nicholson then allegedly threw more platters at police and lunged at an officer who had tased her. In another episode, Nicholson made an officer bleed after scratching his chin.

Nicholson was arrested at the scene on a slew of charges that include aggravated battery, simple battery against a police officer, public indecency/indecent exposure, and obstruction of officers. 

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